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Llŷn Angling

Llŷn Angling

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Image of Llyn Angling shop front

Fishing On The Llŷn Peninsula

The Llŷn Peninsula is a stunning stretch of land located in Gwynedd, north west Wales, jutting out into the Irish Sea. Known for its rugged coastline, sandy beaches, and picturesque villages, the peninsula offers a mix of natural beauty, history, and Welsh culture.

Geographically, it's characterized by its distinctive shape, resembling a crooked arm pointing westward towards the iconic Bardsey Island off Uwchmynydd at its western limit.

The north coast of the Llŷn Peninsula is renowned for its rugged beauty and dramatic landscapes. This coastline is characterized by towering cliffs, hidden coves and sweeping beaches offering the angler an enormous variety of fishing locations. The shallow, sandy beaches at Morfa Nefyn and Aberdesach, the rocky headland of Porthdinllaen, or the tiny inlet of Porth Iago and the rocks either side of it being popular marks.

Whilst a certain amount of hiking and scrambling is required to reach many of the north coast marks, Trefor Pier offers easy access and comfortable fishing, with nearby parking for the less mobile angler.

The south coast of the Llŷn Peninsula offers a contrasting but equally captivating experience compared to its northern counterpart. While the north coast is characterized by rugged cliffs and dramatic landscapes, the south coast boasts a more gentle, rolling terrain, with shallow, sandy beaches and sheltered bays.

The beaches at Aberdaron, Hell's Mouth and Pwllheli all offer excellent year round fishing and have the advantage of being reasonably accessible.

It doesn't matter how bad the weather, how strong the wind, or which direction it is blowing. With its north and south facing coasts, bays and inlets, often with high ground inland to provide shelter, there is always somewhere to fish on the Llŷn Peninsula. So, do come and visit and experience superb and varied fishing, all year round, and in wonderful surroundings.

See what fish the Three Herrings SAC have landed over the years.

The report below shows the number of each species of fish that was caught and recorded in the Three Herrings SAC matches held during any selected year or years. The information is updated after each match*.

You can select a single year or a range of years and even specify which months of the year are included in the report using the Report Options below.

To select a specific league year to report on, select an option from the Start Year list. To select a range of years, select a Start Year first then select an End Year from the other list.

Select the month or months you want to include or exclude from the report by clicking or tapping in the boxes below**.

** At least one month must be selected.

The table below is compiled from 12 matches with 19 anglers taking part.

Species Total

* The table above is for information only. It represents the results of the Three Herrings SAC club matches. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the species that can be caught in the area. Nor is it indicative of the relative abundance of any particular species.