River Erch : Pwllheli

Prospects at River Erch

The chart shows some of the fish that are caught at River Erch and your chances of catching them throughout the year. Click on any of the fish names to find out more about that fish and fishing for it.


The Fishing

The River Erch is one of two rivers flowing into the harbour at Pwllheli. Like it's sister river the Rhydhir, it holds a large number of small wild Brown Trout which can offer good sport on light fly tackle. In the summer months, the Erch enjoys a healthy run of Sea Trout when the conditions are right.

An Environment Agency Trout or Migratory Trout and Salmon rod licence is required to fish this water. As is a permit from the Pwllheli and District Angling Association, which is available from the shop. The season extends from March to September.

Sunday fishing is prohibited on some stretches of the River Erch where signposted.

Anglers Testimony: 'Caught 22 trout between 2" and 8.5" and lost six all on a Black Spider in two hours fishing. Great stuff!'

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