Yours truly with a plug caught Bass

A good Bass from the North Coast of the Peninsula.

This was close range, clear water fishing at it's best. Bass everywhere, following lures pretty much every cast.

The action was fast and furious and all within a few feet of the shore. Sometimes as many as 50 or more Bass could be seen following our lures, but catching them was another thing. You can see how clear the water is and how bright the light. But when fish follow like they were doing, but do not take, you have to keep changing things to tempt them. Different speeds of retrieve, slow and steady, fast and jerky. Try everything. Also keep changing your lures, change colour, shape, size and depth. Keep changing until you succeed.

This fish took no more than 7 or 8 meters from my feet. I saw it rise from behind a rock between me and my lure, the Dexter Wiggle Stick, and when hit it, boy did it hit it!

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