A 47.5lb Tope

A 47.5lb Tope

A 47.5lbs Tope. One of 7 fish landed in a single session.

This is 14 year old CJ Lythgoe with the biggest of seven Tope he landed that day which helped him to win the Sea Angler magazine Boat Angler of the Month Award.

CJ is a regular visitor to the area and an accomplished all round angler. He often pops into the shop for a social visit and is always willing to offer help and advice to his fellow anglers. I remember a few years ago, seeing CJ in the shop surrounded by a group of five or six grown men who wanted to catch Tope. CJ, standing waiste high to these men, confidently advised them. Needless to say, they caught some Tope!

CJ has also been featured in the trade magazine, Tackle & Guns.

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