A rare shore caught Halibut

A rare shore caught Halibut

13 year old Adam Doyle caught this 3lbs 13oz flatfish from the rocks at Pen-Ychain on a sandeel bait.

The big question is, 'What is it?' Opinion here is divided between a Welsh Record Flounder or an unheard of Halibut!

Either way it is a good catch for Adam, but we'll never know for sure as Adam, very sportingly returned the fish.

Here are some more pictures to help you decide what it is. Why not email us with your opinion.

Flounder or Halibut? Flounder or Halibut?

Here is what other people have said:

John Mason has e-mailed us from Mid Wales...

Hi folks,

Just been enjoying this excellent website, and looking forward to coming up from Mid Wales to try for bream and huss this year - and possibly halibut!

I've copied the images and enhanced a couple digitally.

That's definately a halibut. Check out the forked tail. Flounders have a squared-off tail. Halibut have forked tails.

The forked tail of a Halibut A predator's mouth

Check out the big mouth. This is a predator's mouth - like that of a turbot, and able to swallow preyfish whole.

Well done to those lads!

Cheers - John

John Mason

Consultant Geologist

John has his own web site with some information about the fishing in his area. Click here to visit John's site.

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