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The Three Herrings Sea Angling Club

Statistics for S. Davies 5th Dec 2010

League Standings
Match Results
DateVenueTypeWeight (Kg)PointsFish weighed in
05/12/10Moranedd CriciethBeach0.060361 Rockling
21/11/10Nant GwrtheyrnBeach0.770371 Dogfish
07/11/10Quarry BeachBeach0.950451 Dogfish
1 Flounder
24/10/10PorthdinllaenRock6.300505 Codling
3 Dogfish
10/10/10WernBeach1.700393 Dogfish
26/09/10Abererch SandsBeach2.440455 Dogfish
19/09/10Porth IagoRock3.300401 Codling
3 Dogfish
1 Scorpion Fish
05/09/10Uwchmynydd RoverRock Rover7.250452 Dogfish
2 Mackerel
4 Pollack
4 Wrasse
22/08/10Aberdesach BeachBeach0.650451 Dogfish
15/08/10Beach RoverBeach Rover0.00010None
01/08/10Pen Llyn RoverRock Rover5.490401 Blenny
3 Dogfish
4 Wrasse
04/07/10Porth Iago RockRock1.200351 Rockling
1 Wrasse
20/06/10Penllach BeachBeach2.050403 Dogfish
06/06/10Pen Llyn RoverRock Rover6.300391 Bull Huss
3 Dogfish
1 Pollack
23/05/10Pwllheli Open 2010Beach0.00010None
09/05/10Pwllheli BeachBeach0.930402 Dogfish
25/04/10Uwchmynydd Rock RoverRock Rover3.325452 Dogfish
3 Wrasse
11/04/10Pwllheli BeachBeach2.600375 Dogfish
29/03/10Porth Iago RockRock0.650371 Dogfish
14/03/10Porthdinllaen RockRock0.500391 Dogfish
28/02/10Wern BeachBeach0.00010None
14/02/10Quarry BeachBeach0.00010None
31/01/10Morfa Nefyn BeachBeach0.00010None
17/01/10Penllech BeachBeach0.00010None
27/12/09Fur & FeatherBeach0.00010None

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