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2005 News Headlines

You can find all the fishing and web site news for 2005 on this page. Alternatively, move your mouse over the 'Report' button above and click on an individual headline from the list that appears.

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5th Dec 2005 : New ePOS System Goes Live

We have had a very busy couple of months in the shop installing and commissioning a new Electronic Point Of Sale System.

It was an onerous task entering all the thousands of stock items into the computer and printing bar code labels for everything. But now that it is complete, we hope that we will be able to run more smoothly and efficiently. But most importantly the new system will allow us to have the items that you need, in stock, when you want them.

26th Oct 2005 : Angling Update - Gilthead Bream on Pwllheli Beach

Every year we hear the odd claim of Gilthead Bream being caught from various marks on the South side of the Peninsula. But these claims are usually in the height of Summer and are few and far between. But, in the last few weeks we have heard several stories of Gilthead Bream landed from Pwllheli and Abersoch. To add more than a little weight to these rumours, one of Pwllheli's regular anglers has just come into the shop with a bag full of Giltheads. All caught yesterday from Pwllheli beach.

Here is a summary of the October highlights:

Prospects: Small Eyed Rays from Nefyn Beach in calm conditions and the possibility of a late Turbot.

19th Jul 2005 : Web Site Update has been going through some major changes to improve the presentation of information to you.

This News page has been re-vamped to help you view the reports you want to see. You can select all news reports for a year by moving your mouse over the 'Year' button above and clicking in a year from the list that appears. Or you can select an individual report by moving your mouse over the 'Report' button and selecting from the list of headlines that appear.

Similarly, the Three Herrings SAC area of the site has updated. You can now select Match Schedules, Current League Standings, Match Result Summaries and Detailed Match Results for an individual year.

These pages will be continuously updated in the future to provide you with comprehensive historical information that helps you to plan your fishing here on the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales.

12th Jul 2005 : Mid July Angling Update

Moderate winds but choppy seas have brought large shoals of Mackerel and Bass to the shore at Gimblet Rock and along Pwllheli Beach. Silver Mackerel Traces have accounted for many a full house of mixed Mackerel and small school Bass. While larger Bass of up to 3lbs have been landed on lures.

The numbers of Black Bream have dwindled somewhat from the shore marks. But Pwllheli Beach is still producing some fish, though mostly small males.

Tope fishing from the shore has ben particularly good this month. A number of fish, some over 40lbs, have been landed. Mostly from rock marks along the South and West shores of the Llŷn Peninsula.

A Tope A Tope

These Tope were landed recently from rock marks near Aberdaron. Click on an image to see a full sized picture.

19th Jun 2005 : Pwllheli Open Match Report

The Three Herrings SAC hosted the Pwllheli Open competition today. Over one hundred anglers travelled from all over the UK to fish here at Pwllheli Beach with the chance of catching Rays, Black Bream, Bass, Flatties, Dogfish and even Tope. Not to mention the chance of winning PENN Sea League and SAMF Points, one of the large Cash prizes, Pools or Raffles.

Calm, bright weather and a great deal of weed close to the shore combined to make the fishing conditions difficult. Even so, a number of Thornbacks and Dogfish were weighed in, along with a handful of Flatties and Bream. But perhaps most noteworthy, and for the second year running, a Red Mullet was landed.

The Match was won by Three Herrings SAC member Bryn Jones who landed a Thornback Ray of 3.715Kg on his last cast. Click here for more details.

9th Jun 2005 : Early June Angling Update

A few days of fine settled weather and evening high tides have improved the fishing no end lately. But first a serious note about litter...

One lady angler came into the shop recently to tell us that a popular Mackerel fishing mark off the rocks near Aberdaron was strewn with angler's litter. Everything from line and discarded tackle to food and drink packaging. I myself, while walking on Pwllheli Beach recently had to pick up several sheets of newspaper, bait packaging end even a half full drink bottle! Discarded tackle and litter is dangerous to wildlife and people as well as spoiling the outdoor experience for others. The message is simple. Take all your litter home with you and dispose of it properly.

But that is enough ranting, for now. On with the angling report...

Prospects: The early arrival of Mackerel close inshore bodes well for the summer fishing. There are plenty of Tope out in the bay and this is the time to target them from the beaches.

23rd May 2005 : Late May Angling Update

Big tides, high pressure and fair weather has finally brought the summer fish species to the Llŷn Peninsula:

4th May 2005 : Early May Angling Update

As we move into May, so the summer species of fish start to appear around the coastline of Llŷn:

Prospects: During May, the Black Bream will increase in numbers at Pwllheli Marina and on the beach here at Pwllheli. Catches of Ray should improve too. In early June, the Tope will arrive, giving good sport from boats and from the shore.

22nd Apr 2005 : April Angling Update

Terns have been seen diving for bait fish off the local beaches and Pods of Dolphin have been reported between Aberdaron and Bardsey Island. School Bass have been seen hitting fry, right on the shoreline of Pwllheli Beach. So there are bait fish about and consequently, the fishing is starting to improve now:

1st Apr 2005 : Summer Prospects

There are Blue Fin Tuna feeding off the Bass in the Harbour entrance and the first pods of Sailfish have been seen off Abersoch, reports of a decrease in the Seal numbers means that the predators are back, so don't throw sticks in the sea for your dog. All in all, things are shaping up for a good summer.

26th Mar 2005 : Easter Angling Update

The fishing is generally slow at this time of year. As the Whiting move away, we are left waiting for the Bream to start to appear in April or early May. However, the fishing hasn't been bad lately:

19th Mar 2005 : Mystery Flattie Caught at Pen-y-Chain

13 year old Adam Doyle, from Manchester, landed a 3lbs 13oz flatfish at Pen-y-chain by the Hafan holiday camp. The debate is still raging here as to what exactly this fish is. Is it a Flounder? Or, is it a Halibut? Have a look at some more pictures in the gallery to help you make up your mind.

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