An Inshore Fishing Session

Author: Dave Cook Date: 15-07-2009

Myself and a friend decided to have a day out on my boat and catch a few fish, I had booked a week off work and he was coming down for the day. The weather had been very unpredictable and had not been what I wanted.

A Thornback Ray is safely netted and brought aboardMy friend came down on the Tuesday night and we planned to fish the next day, that night the rain was torrential and all thoughts of fishing the next day faded.

We awoke to find the sun was out so headed down to the boat yard straight away, we hit mackerel straight away and then proceeded to try for a Tope, my mate had a run after about half an hour that came to nothing so we decided to go for bass instead.

We drove the boat down Pwllheli beach to where the golf course is, we killed the engine and proceeded to try plugging and spinning to catch a bass, due to the rough seas the days prior to the trip the water was a bit too weedy and we soon gave up although we did have a couple of follows from schoolies.

We then decided to fish for Black bream with the mackerel we had left over, for this we headed up Pwllheli beach back towards Gimblet Rock about 400 yards out and anchored up. A few of the mackerel were chopped up and thrown in to get the bream feeding together with the guts and spines of the other mackerel that I filleted for bait.

The fishing started slowly with a couple of doggies, I had decided to use my new Shimano travel spinning rod 10-30g for a bit of sport, the doggies made it really bend to the max.

All of a sudden tap tap tap the unmistakable rattle of a bream. Gradually they became bolder and bolder and both myself and mate had a few each. He then decided to change to a sliding float rig and had some great sport on a light carp rod. A Thornback Ray clearly showing it's spinesThe water there was only 17 feet deep and was great for fishing really light, I had rigged up with two size 6 hooks on a paternoster rig with a half ounce bomb. After some nice bream I got another tap tap tap and struck into a fish, at first it felt like I was stuck on the bottom but could feel a fish on. All of a sudden it started to move off and with slow pumps it started to come up. After five minutes or so I could see something below the water, a bream started to surface and then to my shock a lovely Thornback ray was on the bottom hook as well.

It gave the little 7 foot rod a good workout but what a nice fish, a few bream followed and we kept 3 or 4 for the pot. A good session, the Thornies have been a bit absent the last few years so it was good to see a nice one come in, I went out again the day after on my own and did the same again with a nice Thornie of about 5 pounds.

Both rays were returned unharmed.

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